Best Budget Liquid Eyeliners in 2020

best budget liquid eyeliner

Eye liner is a necessity in most women’s makeup bags. Any make-up appearance is practically insufficient without it. There is a wide range of liners to choose from. Moreover, with a variety of options out there, it can be very hard to select the right eyeliner for you. 


To help you choose, we’ve put together 4 of the best eyeliners including the best easy to use liquid eyeliner that you can find. With prices like these, you can have the right quality of products in your bag! Let us introduce you to the best budget liquid eyeliners.

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 Liquid eye liner is a bit like the megaformer of the makeup world. It is challenging to figure out what’s best for you, but as soon as you do, it can supply remarkable outcomes. Several of your drugstore liquid eye liners can function wonders, my much-loved consist of choices with felt tips, matte pigments, as well as a highly smudge-proof formula.

If you’re battling to master the stroke, one leading application guideline(which a few people recognize) to comply with, according to us, is to use exceptionally little, consistently spaced dots near the lash line in the form you wish to complete, which will definitely offer you a much  better opportunity of making a tighter, a whole lot precise line.

Obtaining your eyeliner on fleek can be a battle. From hard-to-use applicators to dripping solutions that smear, there’s a whole lot that can go wrong. So, it may come as a surprise to you that when it involves eyeliner, the budget friendly ones you find in drugstores are not your best bet. but still we have provided you with the best budget liquid eyeliners in the market.

We believe in always buying products which give us a premium experience. After all, we would be spending our hard earned money. There are excellent formulas and some innovative technology ready and waiting for you.   

You deserve this. Let’s just dive into the list of our favourite liquid eyeliners.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Finally a waterproof liquid liner that glides on with ease won't smudge or run, and stays in place until you say when! The thin marker-like tip is easy to use even for the least experienced, and delivers a defined thin line to a dramatic bold line with precision. Goes on smoothly without skipping, smudging, or pulling, and lasts all day!

Pull gently on the upper corner of the eye area to stretch and smooth the eye before lining with the liquid eye liner. This will make it easy to line and eliminate bleeding. This is the best budget liquid eyeliner.


Available in multiple shades – Intense Black, Dark Brown, Intense jade, Intense labradorite, Midnight, Alloy, White, Intense smoky quartz

How to apply Stila liquid eyeliner? 

  • Use the applicator on its side, apply short strokes right onto the lash line.
  • Go back in with the point to fill in any detailed spots or edges.
  • If creating a cat eye, use the point to sketch out your wing first. It’s the perfect tool.
  • Store horizontally for best performance. 

How long does stila liquid eyeliner last? Is Stilla liquid eyeliner oil free? You must have many questions like these. To answer these questions in a simple manner, we created Pros and Cons list.



  • Smudge proof
  • Long wear
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with moisture wicking properties
  • precise applicator
  • oil free eyeliner



  • Not suitable for people having very sensitive eyes
  • Can dry out fast if not handled carefully
  • Some shades need layering – alloy, intense smoky quartz, original

Haus Laboratories by Lady Gaga: Eye Armor Kit

There’s no refuting that Lady Gaga has constantly been the queen of progressive design, and also while it holds that she’s recognized for her unapologetic and also one-of-a-kind style feeling– like her meat gown! The eyeliner’s applicator is great and sufficient to develop tidy, ultra-thin lines, yet you can quickly use stress on it to develop thicker ones.

The real sticker labels are cooperation between Haus Laboratories as well as Face Shoelace by Phyllis Cohen, a brand name that develops stick-on art to utilize instead of standard make-up. The brand name assures that these certain sticker labels are “undetected,” as they are made to imitate the appearance of standard liquid eyeliner.

The wingtips stickers are tilted and also sharp. Do you require it? Well, if you wear black liquid eyeliner or rock a cat-eye constantly, you deserve it. One of the best budget liquid eyeliner in 2020.

How to use Hause Eye Armor Kit

  • Start with clean, bare skin.
  • Align ARMOR  Wingtips No. 1 sticker with the bottom of your upper lash line and pat into place.
  • Using liquid eyeliner, lightly stamp the liner into your upper lash line, connecting wing sticker with the liner.


  • Smudge proof
  • Once dried, has long lasting power
  • Good solid felt tip – not the usual one!
  • Smooth and precise application
  • Gives a dramatic look


  • Bit of a learning curve for wingtip stickers
  • Tip might dry faster than you think if not handled carefully
  • Not Waterproof
  • Felt tip may get blunt after some usages if you apply a lot of pressure

Blinc Semi-Permanent Liquid Eyeliner

Brush it on! Slide it off! Blinc is the original liquid eyeliner invented to form a water-resistant layer of color that contours your eyes. Since Blinc is not a cosmetic paint like conventional eyeliner, it cannot fade, smudge or flake even if you cry or rub your eyes. Again, one of the best budget liquid eyeliner you can find which will give a mesmerizing look! 

Available in multiple shades – Black, Blue, Grey, Purple(hmm, interesting!)

How to apply Blinc Smudge Proof Eyeliner?

  • As with blinc mascara, blinc eyeliner should always be applied to clean and dry skin.
  • Before application, remove all excess liner from the brush on the rim of the tube to control the quantity of liquid on the brush.
  • When applying blinc eyeliner, it is easier to start from the outer edge of your lash line rather than the inner edge. Gently pull the lid towards your ear to get the most even application.
  • You may even prefer to draw a few dots and then connect them giving you a thinner, more natural-looking line.
  • Draw a thin line evenly along the upper lid getting as close to the lashes as possible.
  • Within 1 minute, apply additional layers of color to thicken the line.

How to take off waterproof eyeliner without makeup remover? 

  • Neither water alone nor pressure alone will remove blinc eyeliner.
  • Only the combination of lots of warm water and gentle pressure, from your fingertips, a washcloth or water pressure (i.e. shower), will slide the “layer of color” effortlessly off your skin into your hand.
  • No makeup remover is necessary!
  • Does not penetrate your skin and leaves no residue.


  • Easy to use
  • long-lasting
  • easy to remove
  • Waterproof
  • Vegan
  • Comes in various shades


  • Flakes a little – caution for those with sensitive eyes

Lorac Front Of The Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner

Formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, or phthalates.

This long-wearing, no-smudge, no-budge, water-resistant liquid liner boasts a unique automatic delivery system that provides a clean, precise application. The flexible tip provides ultimate control, accuracy, and smooth strokes, so you will never miss your lines.

Available in multiple shades – Black, Brown, Navy, Charcoal

How to apply Lorac Front Of The Line Eyeliner?

  • When applying, anchor your elbow on a flat, sturdy surface to ensure a precise, smooth line.
  • Hold the liner at a slight angle and take short strokes for control.
  • For a thicker line, use the side of the liner with more pressure.
  • For a thinner line, lightly brush your lash line with the tip of the brush.


  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t crease on eyelid
  • Precise application due to thin brush 
  • Smooth finish


  • Doesn’t last for a full day, but with a primer, you can increase its longevity
  • Not the darkest formula out there.


Perfecting the art of creating a winged eyeliner can be a challenge and requires a learning curve. But, the best budget liquid eyeliners we listed help you in this journey. 


According to us, out of these 4 eyeliners we talked about just now, there is a clear winner! 


Wait for it!!!!


Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Many People love this one. It has multiple shades. 85% of the people who bought this product are satisfied and happy. This has become holy grail product for some. 




How to fix a dried out eyeliner pen

  • The ideal means to save your eyeliner is upright, at space temperature level with the tip facing down or the tube placed horizontally. Next off, provide it an excellent shake as well as run it at the back of your hand to obtain it to function efficiently.
  • If you are utilizing a gel eyeliner (the ones that normally come in a pot), after that it has a tendency to set rather promptly. Just add a few drops of warm water and mix with a brush.
  • Fix a cream based eyeliner by adding unscented body moisiturizer to the container and mixing it with eyeliner brush. It won’t permanently solve your problem but can definitely increase the life time of the product.




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